Davis County gives 15 acres to Farmington Bay

Mar 22 2011 - 11:22pm


FARMINGTON -- The birds at Farmington Bay will soon have a little more room to roost.

The Davis County Commission approved a land donation Tuesday morning between the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area and the Davis County Wildlife Federation.

As part of the agreement, Farmington Bay will receive 15 acres of land adjacent to a 20-acre parcel of land Farmington Bay already owns.

The 15 acres of soon-to-be donated land sits in Centerville, immediately west of Parrish Lane.

Rich Hansen, wildlife biologist and manager of Farmington Bay, said the acquisition will allow bay officials to remove some fencing near the property and in turn better manage the area.

"It will be a lot easier for us to manage noxious weeds and just improve the overall habitat for wildlife," he said. "It's a good deal for us."

Farmington Bay has hundreds of thousands of waterbirds, songbirds and raptors visiting the area during the migration and nesting seasons.

With a dwindling membership, the wildlife federation thinks giving the property up will benefit not only Farmington Bay, but the entire county.

"Most of our members are getting up there in age, and I know for myself, I haven't been out to that piece of land in 20 or 30 years, so we just don't use it," said federation member Gary DeJong. "Rather than see it get developed, we figured it was best just to give it to (Farmington Bay)."

Farmington Bay was built in 1935 and has been managed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources since it opened.

The DWR has purchased and developed additional wetland acreage over the years, increasing the original 3,800 acres to more than 12,000 acres.

More than 200 different bird species have been documented in the management area.

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